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1 Information about this document

1.1 Last update date
Version 3.4 published on 2021/07/21.

1.2 Distribution lists for notifications
There is no distribution channel to notify changes on this document.

1.3 Access to this document
The updated version of this document can be found at
+ http://www.cert.rcts.pt/images/docs/RFC2350RCTSCERT_EN.pdf
A Portuguese version can be found at
+ http://www.cert.rcts.pt/images/docs/RFC2350RCTSCERT.pdf

1.4 Authenticity of this document
This version of RCTS CERT’s service description is signed with RCTS CERT’s
PGP key.

2 Contact information

2.1 Team Name

2.2 Postal Address
Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia
Unidade de Computacao Cientifica Nacional
Apartado 50435
1700-001 Lisboa

2.3 Time zone
Portugal/WEST (GMT+0, GMT+1 during summertime)

2.4 Phone Number
+351 218 440 177

2.5 Fax
+351 218 440 185

2.6 E-mail
report@cert.rcts.pt; info@cert.rcts.pt; seguranca@fccn.pt;
cert@cert.rcts.pt; security@cert.rcts.pt; abuse@cert.rcts.pt

2.7 Other Types of Telecommunications

2.8 Public Keys and Encryption Information
RCTS CERT’s PGP key has KeyID 0x01E95D08 and its fingerprint is
412F A41E 8AAB 0E89 E3E6 C543 A39D 13E5 01E9 5D08.
This key can be found at the usual key servers on the Internet
such as pgp.mit.edu or pgp.circl.lu.

2.9 Team Members
Coordination: Carlos Friacas
Members: Filipa Macieira, Pedro Silva, Fábio Mestre, João Machado
Legal advice: Miguel Andrade

2.10 Further Information
Further information about RCTS CERT can be found at
Team info is also available at:
+ https://www.trusted-introducer.org/directory/teams/rcts-cert.html
+ https://www.first.org/members/teams/rcts_cert

2.11 Types of contact for users
RCTS CERT has the following types of contact (in order of preference):
E-mail for reporting security incidents:
report@cert.rcts.pt; cert@cert.rcts.pt; abuse@cert.rcts.pt; seguranca@fccn.pt
E-mail for other related issues with computer security:
info@cert.rcts.pt; security@cert.rcts.pt
+351 218 440 177
+351 218 440 185

3 Charter

3.1 Mission Statement
RCTS CERT’s central mission is contributing to the cybersecurity effort from
user communities tied to organizations connected to the Science, Technology
and Society Network (RCTS), namely through processing and coordination of
incident response, by producing security alerts and recommendations, and to
promote a cybersecurity culture.

3.2 Constituency
RCTS CERT provides incident handling on RCTS’ (Science, Technology and
Society Network) user community context. IP address ranges within RCTS
CERT’s scope are:


Incident handling is RCTS CERT’s responsibility, on the terms foreseen at
the “Medidas de Controlo de Incidentes de Seguranca Informatica” document
specifically regarding feedback timeframes, incident types, communication
means and traffic control measures contained within.

3.3 Affiliation
RCTS CERT is a service component of RCTS – Rede Ciencia, Tecnologia e
+ https://www.fccn.pt/quem-somos/rede-rcts-rede-ciencia-tecnologia-e-sociedade/
RCTS CERT is a founding member of the National CSIRT Network:
+ https://www.redecsirt.pt/#membros
RCTS CERT is a certified member of TF-CSIRT:
+ https://www.trusted-introducer.org/directory/teams/rcts-cert.html
RCTS CERT is a full member at FIRST:
+ https://www.first.org/members/teams/rcts_cert
RCTS CERT is part of ENISA’s CERT inventory:
+ https://www.enisa.europa.eu/publications/inventory-of-cert-activities-in-europe/
+ https://www.enisa.europa.eu/topics/csirts-in-europe/csirt-inventory/certs-by-country-interactive-map

3.4 Authority

RCTS CERT is a service component of RCTS – Rede Ciencia, Tecnologia e
Sociedade. Its authority is defined on the RCTS User Letter
(https://www.fccn.pt/media/2021/06/AUP_RegulamentoRCTS-FCCN.pdf [Portuguese
version only]), specifically on:


FCCN’s Responsibilities

1. RCTS connectivity services do not implement filtering, encryption or
others that may introduce latency into communications.
2. By way of derogation from the previous number, FCCN’s RCTS CERT security
service ensures the monitoring of network operations, coordination of security
incident response, including total or partial, temporary or definitive service
cut actions, when these are deemed necessary for the protection of other
USER ENTITIES, RCTS or of the Internet in general, or the management of
vulnerabilities within RCTS.
3. Mechanisms and measures for the mitigation of security incidents and the
management of vulnerabilities arising from the operation provided for in the
previous number are regulated in the standalone document “MEDIDAS DE CONTROLO

4 Policies

4.1 Incident types and support level
RCTS CERT handles all types of security incidents, and has adopted the
Portuguese National CSIRT Network Taxonomy, available at:

4.2 Cooperation, interaction and privacy policy
RCTS CERT’s privacy policy and data protection establishes that sensitive
information can be sent to third parties, only and exclusively on a real
need basis and with express previous authorization from the individual or
organization to which that information regards to.

4.3 Communication and authentication
From the communication means made available by RCTS CERT, phone and
non-ciphered e-mail are considered to be sufficient to non-sensitive
information transmission. In order to transmit sensitive information, PGP
usage is mandatory.

5 Services

5.1 Handling of security incidents
Security incident handling is RCTS CERT’s main service. A security incident
is any action or set of actions developed against a compute or network of
computers, which results, or can result, in a loss of confidentiality,
integrity or performance of a data network or digital system, namely
non-authorized access, modification or removal of information, interference
or service denial in a digital system. RCTS CERT handles security incidents
in the context of RCTS – Rede Ciencia, Tecnologia e Sociedade – incidents
which source or target of an attack is within RCTS.

5.2 Alert dissemination
RCTS CERT aims to gather a set of information received from several
well-known sources, evaluate its severity degree and translate it to
Portuguese language. Depending on the severity degree, the analyzed
information can result in a security alert, on a recommendation or a simple
news entry published on the http://www.cert.rcts.pt/ portal.

5.3 New CSIRT teams support
RCTS CERT also intends to promote the creation of new security incident
handling teams within RCTS and in the Portuguese Public Administration
context. This service includes holding training events directed to security
incident handling, spreading the word about the theme on adequate fora, and
the support to the creation of new CSIRTs.

5.4 DNS Firewall
RCTS CERT makes available to its constituency a DNS-based mechanism that
prevents communications with malicious domains. The service encompasses the
maintenance and dissemination of a list of malicious domains. In the event
that a user accesses a URL that contains a malicious domain, the content
displayed will be a local page, indicating that the URL that you tried to
access includes malicious content.

5.5 Security Audits
Security audits are performed on request, strictly for RCTS CERT’s
constituency. Each audit involves the preparation of a report containing the
set of facts found and also suggestions for mitigation.

5.6 Monitoring against web defacements
Alarms against web defacements is a RCTS CERT pilot service, which includes
continuous monitoring, archiving several versions of a web server to be able
to register/evaluate any changes. This service is only available for the

5.7 Anti-Phishing awareness campaigns
RCTS CERT develops on-demand phishing campaigns for members of its
constituency and other organisations that sign a specific agreement.
Following the development of a campaign, there will also be an awareness
session addressed to the set of people defined as the target group. The aim
of this service is to provide a tool to evaluate the degree of exposure of
an organization to potential future incidents, increasing awareness to
cybersecurity issues.

6 Disclaimer
While all precautions were taken in the preparation of disclosed information
on the Internet portal or through distribution lists, RCTS CERT assumes no
responsibility for errors or omissions or for damages resulting from the use
of that information.

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